Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sharing some LOVES

We are LOVING McRuffy Math!!! I knew we would because we used it before and as I think I posted previously, I was lazy and didn't keep with it. The Artist is doing 1st grade and The Scientist is doing K, it puts them each a bit behind since they started them half way through their supposed grade years, but I don't put much stock in grade levels anyway.

We are also LOVING Growing with Grammar and Winning with Writing for The Artist. Again we are about a half a year behind since we just started them, but no biggie. We both enjoy them.

We will spend some extra time working, probably work through the summer to help get them to where they should be, only to make sure they are up to par in the case that they should ever have to return to public school. That is definately not in the plans for them, but as we all know life happens and we never know what tomorrow will bring.