Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Needs to Know

I have tossed and turned a lot thus far.  We have used the same things since we started our school year but I have had a hard time keeping our focus the way I had it laid out.  This has lead to lots of spits and sputters and stops and stalls.  I have struggled to keep any kind of momentum going.  Thanks to some recent discussions on the Well-Trained Mind forums, I have decided that I needed to quit fighting what I felt was the right direction for us.

I'm going to allow the Core Knowledge Sequence to be our guiding light.  Thanks to the What Your x Grader Needs to Know books this is really easily done.  I will still be using the Intellego Unit Studies, but they will now become something I turn to looking for extras to go with our NTK books.  I am using lots of Let's Read and Find Out and Magic School Bus books for adding to science and a variety of books for social studies.  BrainpopJR and Magic School Bus videos are also a regular here and we will add in other videos that I find fit in well with our studies.  

We have begun making pages to put together a journal that is inspired by Waldorf's main lesson book.