Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What are we using these days? What is in store for our upcoming year?

I have figured out our 2013-2014 curriculum for the most part, so I wanted to make a quick post sharing what is in store.  We have already started to make some changes... or well add things in because they just weren't getting done (and we have made one change with The Artist's math because she was really having a hard time with what we were using).

The Artist (3rd grade in July):
Reading: www.bookadventure.org tests with books she chooses or I reccomend.
Math: Math Mammoth

The Scientist (2nd grade in July):
Reading: Hooked on Phonics, then www.bookadventure.org
Math: McRuffy Math

Grammar & Writing: Free Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing Handbook
Vocabulary & Literary Elements: Free McGraw Hill On Level Practice Book
Spelling: www.k12reader.com
Spanish: Elementary Spanish from www.discoveryeducation.com
Geography: The Complete Book of Maps and Geography
Civics: Citizen's Now (simple workbooks)

The Cuddler (preschool in July):
Sweet Pickles Bus and Leap Frog Bus when he asks for them.

Science: Interest lead with lots of videos and books.  Videos at their disposal: Bill Nye the Science Guy, Magic School Bus, Mr. Wizard's World, Beakman's World, Sid the Science Kid, Myth Busters, and anything else on Netflix!  We have a large and growing selection of books including a ton of Let's Read and Find Out.  We will also do some nature study and read some vintage science books as read alouds.

History:  The Complete Book of United States History with living books, videos and hands on projects.

Art:  The Complete Book of Arts and Crafts along with interest led projects.

Music:  www.classicsforkids.com and learning to play the recorder.

PE and Health:  playing in our daily life, DVDs: Yoga Kids, Karate for Kids, Ballet for Kids along with random videos from Netflix.  Regular discussions on healthy practices as they come up in our daily lives.

They will all also be using a variety of online games and learning sites: readingeggs, clicknkids, xtramath, etc.