Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our new line up!

The Artist is kind of restarting 1st grade.

Math: McRuffy 1st
Phonics: ETC and Sonlight readers (have been doing these all year)
Grammar: Growing with Grammar level 1
Writing: Winning with Writing level 1

The Scientist is kind of restarting 2nd.

Math: McRuffy K
Phonics: Hooked on Phonics

Science and Social studies are Intellego Unit Studies
Music and Art are both being allowed to occur naturally for them, as well as Physical Education.

We are also using a lot of online resources: Reading Eggs, Ooka Island, Click N Kids Phonics, More Starfall, Brainpop, Brainpop Jr, Discovery Education Streaming. I'm looking for some math games yet for them.

Television plays a pretty big roll for us too, we use Netflix to watch Sid the Science Kid and Beakmans World and documentaries on every subject under the sun. We watch lots of PBS and the littlest guy learns lots from our time spent cuddling and watching NickJr.

We are very much an audio visual family, thankfully there are many resources out there that fit this lifestyle.

I plan on doing some reviews on all of these things really soon.