Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Countdown 1 day to go!!

Well it is here, Christmas Eve!!  Are you ready?  I am for the most part.  Hubby and I still have a pretty major gift in the works and if we don't pull it off today, it will break my heart, we have been working on it for a while now and part is done, part is not.  We still have cookies on the favorites list that we have not had time to bake yet!  Yikes!!!  I think I am going to set my 14 year old to baking cookies while I sew, sew, sew and hubby works downstairs on the secret gift.  Hubby shouldn't need much time, so I'm hoping that he can help the oldest with the cookies since he can't help me sew.Hubby has something crazy up his sleeve for me, I'm so excited.  I have no clue what it could be and he keeps giving contradicting hints.  I haven't had a good Christmas surprise in so many years.. minus each of the 3 years my 3 Christmas babies were born.  Normally we don't do Christmas for each other, the money just isnt' there for us to get gifts too.  We splurged this year and it feels good.It already looks like Christmas under our tree, the kids wrapped their gifts yesterday (we take them to 5 Below one at a time to shop for everyone else in the house) and put them under the tree.  It looks so beautiful!Well enough of my banter.  I really wanted to share this link yesterday and just wish everyone a Merry Christmas yesterday, but life got away from me and we had a crazy day.  So here it is, my kids number 1 favorite Christmas site!!


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